Faculty access to the student portal

Guest post from the Student Success Office

All Waterloo faculty members can now access the student portal – a mobile-friendly communication and student success tool that delivers just-in-time information to current students. The portal was launched to all undergraduate and graduate students last fall.

You can log into the portal using your WaTIAM username and password. A brief video and online tour will orient you to the site and you can read more about the portal’s features and find helpful tips. You can also enable a fake student data set in your portal so you can see what students see, to get a more robust view of the student experience on the portal.

How can this help you as a faculty member?

There are many features that may be of value to you as a campus community member, including the real-time GRT schedule; WatCard balance; campus news and events; food outlet hours, locations, and specials; varsity schedules and scores; and campus hotspot crowd reporter.

As a faculty member, if you use Learn to post midterms, quizzes, and assignment due dates in the Learn course calendar, your students can import that into their portal calendar, to ensure they stay on top of their important dates.

How can you help?

As you navigate through the different portal features, think about how this tool can be of value to your students and where possible, encourage your students to use it, to help manage their academic, social, and campus life information.

This year, the portal team will focus on creating a much-desired mobile application, as well as investigate enhanced system integration, including Learn.

If you have any questions, you can submit feedback in the portal or email the portal team.

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