February 28 is OCUFA’s Bill 148 Social Media Day of Action

Adapted from a message from Ontario College and University Faculty Associations (OCUFA)

February 28 is OCUFA’s annual social media day of action. The day provides an opportunity for faculty, students, staff, and supporters across Ontario to get the issues of precarious work and fairness for contract faculty (sessionals and definite term lecturers, in Waterloo terms) trending on various social media platforms.

This year’s day of action will be use the momentum generated by Bill 148 to build more support for contract faculty in the lead-up to the provincial election in June.

The goal of the day will be to get as many people as possible to tweet and post Facebook messages to their provincial election candidates. The messages will highlight priorities for contract faculty at our institutions, the need to close gaps in Bill 148, how precarity for contract faculty can affect the quality of education, and where we go from here.

To be as effective as possible, you can direct messages not just to your local candidates, but to the Chair of your Board of Governors and/or your University President, and well as your university’s Twitter or Facebook page.

Use the sample tweets below, or come up with your own. Don’t forget to use the hashtags, #Fairness4CF #MakeItFair #15andFairness, and feel free to steal these images!

General messages

  • Many sessionals and definite-term lecturers have committed years of work to their institutions, but universities and colleges have not committed to them in return. It’s time for fairness for contract faculty.  #Fairness4CF #MakeItFair #15andFairness
  • Fairness for sessionals and definite-term lecturers means fair pay, job security and access to benefits! Join us today to send a strong message to universities and colleges that they should be model employers in our communities.  #Fairness4CF #MakeItFair #15andFairness
  • As the June provincial election approaches, learn about your candidates’ positions on postsecondary education and good jobs. #Fairness4CF #MakeItFair #15andFairness

To your local MPP or candidate

  • New labour laws brought positive changes for workers, but there are still gaps. For contract faculty, we need to address the abuse of fixed-term contracts. In the June provincial election, will you join us in supporting fairness for contract faculty?! #Fairness4CF #MakeItFair #15andFairness
  • Quality postsecondary education relies on public funding to support good jobs and student success. In the June provincial election, will you commit to investing in quality education and good jobs?! #Fairness4CF #MakeItFair #15andFairness #CdnPSE #OnPSE
  • The number of courses taught by contract faculty in Ontario has doubled since 2000. We need to set postsecondary education in Ontario on a new path. Postsecondary instructors and researchers deserve fair pay, job security and access to benefits.  #Fairness4CF #MakeItFair #15andFairness

All faculty members, students, staff, and members of the community at Ontario universities are invited to participate.

For more information, contact OCUFA’s Engagement and Campaigns Coordinator Alexandra Pinosa at APinosa@ocufa.on.ca.

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