What’s on the FAUW agenda for 2019-20

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FAUW’s priorities for 2019-2020

These are the key items we’re aiming to get through this year, in addition to preparing for negotiations at the end of 2020 and inevitably weighing in on more proposals from the provincial government.

  • Policy development: Improvements and clarity around the policy drafting process, better supporting our representatives on policy drafting committees, and getting a few policies into (if not through) the approval process. Candidates are the policies on ethical behaviour (33), parental leave (14), accommodations (57, new), and faculty appointments (76).
  • Conflict of interest guidelines: See item #3 from the September 12 Board meeting below. 
  • Workload: We want to see clear and consistent definitions (and monitoring) of how teaching and other faculty work is counted across campus.
  • Representation: We plan to issue position statements on our relationship with research professors and sessional instructors.

September 12 Board of Directors meeting

Here’s what was on the agenda on September 12, the first meeting of the 2019–20 academic year. We welcome your input on any of these topics! 

  1. Fixing an error in the FPER. Finance used a new CPI calculation last year and the Faculty Professional Expense Reimbursement amount was off by $8.00 per member. We’re collegially working with Finance on addressing this. 
  2. Equal access to retirement benefits for lecturers. Human Resources has denied lecturers the ‘reduced workload to retirement’ option provided by Policy 59 and we are working to ensure this doesn’t happen any more. 
  3. Conflict of interest guidelines. Faculty Relations Committee is working on draft guidelines outlining what counts as a conflict of interest in various faculty settings, particularly tenure and promotion, hiring, and performance review committees. Right now, we only have guidance for hiring committees (PDF).
  4. The Academic Leadership Program. With Sheila Ager now the dean of Arts, Nancy Waite is heading up the ALP. FAUW continues to provide feedback on the program. 
  5. Policy revisions. We are expecting to see a draft of Policy 33 – Ethical Behaviour this fall, and the Faculty Relations Committee is discussing the policy consultation process.
  6. Staff job change. Laura McDonald’s title has changed from “Community Relations Coordinator” to “Communications Officer” to better reflect her role. [Ed note: Slowly but surely, we’re shortening names for things around here.]
  7. Committee appointments. Heather Mair has joined the Hagey Lecture Committee as the rep for Applied Health Sciences, and Dan Brown has joined the Lecturers Committee in the non-lecturer Board-member seat.
  8. September 27 Global Climate Strike. At the time of the meeting, we were expecting to see some direction from the University about what faculty can do if they want to attend but have a class scheduled during the strike. What we got, in case you missed it in your inbox, is:

    “At the University of Waterloo we respect and support the rights of students and other members of campus to express their views as it relates to this global initiative. That support includes efforts to enable members of our campus community to participate if they choose to do so. It also includes preparations to allow us to meet our education and service needs on the day.”

    So… the University is making unspecified efforts to enable you to take part, provided you don’t fail to deliver your educational commitments by doing so.  Perhaps some collegial decision making on the ground in your department would help clarify exactly what this means for you. We also reported in our last blog post what one dean has said on the issue (scroll to the bottom of the post).

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